Wardrobe Planning

December 20, 2014

10501837_10154850531725607_2548781846040427225_nSomewhere between high school and post-college life, I decided to work on my habit of buying cheap quality clothing, and started focusing more on quality over quantity. While I still LOVE a good thrift find, and can’t pass up Target clearance…I’m starting to grow in the way I shop.

I’ve decided to start planning my Wardrobe Essentials for each season of three months during the year. Rather than buying unnecessary amounts of trendy clothing, I will be adding key pieces to my wardrobe that can be worn again and again in so many different ways. Every three months, I’ll add a new list to the blog of items that I will be shopping for and suggestions of what to invest in to build a solid foundation for your style!

You can view my list of Winter Wardrobe Essentials here.

I hope you enjoy reading as I learn and edit my style with you!



2 thoughts on “Wardrobe Planning

  1. afancyorafeeling

    Is that bust from Ann Taylor LOFT? I wantttt! Wish I can Pin this gorgeous photo–great lighting and chosen pieces!

    1. Liz Frandsen Post author

      The bust form is from LOFT! I actually am a sales associate there, so you’ll notice as I keep blogging that I wear a LOT of LOFT! Our store was updating it’s fixtures, so I was able to keep a mannequin! Thanks so much! You can absolutely pin this photo, just link it to the blog!


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