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Choosing a Color Palette

December 21, 2014




One of the first things I noticed about the way I shop is that I typically tend to stay within a color palette. While this initially wasn’t intentional, I now use it to my advantage to get the most out of my wardrobe.

Think about this. Have you ever purchased an item that is so out of the ordinary in color compared to the rest of your closet? Maybe you bought it because it was SO cute, cheap or both…but then you realized that you have nothing to wear it with. It either hangs in your closet forever or you convince yourself you need to buy an entirely new outfit just to match this one thing – yikes! While I am all about trying something new and unexpected with fashion, it helps to know what colors you already wear most and build from there!

The foundation of my wardrobe is black and white.I tend to buy a lot of grey, black, white, and stripes in just about every style. For you, this might be the most boring thing in the world (and that’s totally fine!). But I know how much I can maximize the use of my wardrobe by mixing and matching what I already have.

Choosing a color palette of shades that complement each other allows you to mix and match without worry.

When I planned my Winter Wardrobe Essentials, this was the color palette I came up with. It incorporates the neutral shades that are already in my closet, and adds a few darker tones for winter. I wanted both warm and cool colors so that I could get a lot out of this season.

The best way to start your color palette is to look at what you already have. Evaluate what colors you wear the most, what always looks amazing on you, or what you really want to start wearing. Pick up paint swatches at Home Depot for inspiration, or play around with color in Photoshop to see what looks great together!



 (Left Image Source)

Wardrobe Planning

December 20, 2014

10501837_10154850531725607_2548781846040427225_nSomewhere between high school and post-college life, I decided to work on my habit of buying cheap quality clothing, and started focusing more on quality over quantity. While I still LOVE a good thrift find, and can’t pass up Target clearance…I’m starting to grow in the way I shop.

I’ve decided to start planning my Wardrobe Essentials for each season of three months during the year. Rather than buying unnecessary amounts of trendy clothing, I will be adding key pieces to my wardrobe that can be worn again and again in so many different ways. Every three months, I’ll add a new list to the blog of items that I will be shopping for and suggestions of what to invest in to build a solid foundation for your style!

You can view my list of Winter Wardrobe Essentials here.

I hope you enjoy reading as I learn and edit my style with you!



Fall Capsule Video

November 15, 2014

Recently one of my favorite style bloggers, Caroline of Unfancy, opened up her blog to guest blogger applications. I was so thrilled and excited to hear that out of 200 applicants, I was chosen in the top 6! Caroline asked each finalist to make a video highlighting items from our fall capsule wardrobe, and this is what I came up with! Jeff and I had so much fun transforming our living room into a walk-in closet/film set, and even did this all in one take! He did such an awesome job editing and filming for me!

Head on over to Unfancy to get inspired by Caroline’s minimal wardrobe, and enjoy my first little video!

Utility Blouse

October 15, 2014

One of my favorite wardrobe essentials for fall is a simple and easy silk utility blouse. Think of it as the sophisticated version of your favorite white tee shirt! I love this top so much I bought it in two colors, and have been seriously considering buying even more.

The best thing about a top like this is that it can instantly be worn with almost any type of look, from work to weekend, and even with leggings if you’re feeling lazy.

Here’s how I style a simple silk blouse as an everyday casual look! Just add your favorite ankle boots, boyfriend denim, and leather tote.

style_liz-2 style_liz-4 style_liz-5 style_liz-6

Utility Blouse :LOFT

Boyfriend Denim :GAP

Leather Tote : LIZ RIDEN

Booties : TARGET (similar here)

Mrs. Necklace : KATE SPADE

Bar Necklace : LOFT (similar here)

Stripe Bracelet : KATE SPADE

Zig Zag Bracelet : GLITZ

Nail Polish :OPI “Berlin There Done That”

Photos by Jeff Frandsen